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Oil analysis for a longer engine life

This is a first for me. I must be getting old or maybe it’s because I have finally realised the importance of taking care of things properly rather than just trusting to fate. Just changing the oil and filter regularly on a marine diesel engine should be enough to keep it running well for years […]

Bridgestone BT 016 tyre review UPDATE

This is the front tyre. Worn almost flat on the sides. Very strange wear. It’s been a year since I bought a set of Bridgestone BT 016 tyres for the Monster. My initial thoughts can be read here. What do I think now after a couple of thousand miles? Well, I’m still not convinced. These […]

Swivel on that. The lazy mans way to turn a motorbike around

If like me you are vertically challenged you may find that this world we live in is made for bigger people. Everything is harder for us, from reaching the highest shelves in the supermarket to turning around a motorcycle. If you have a brain however, most of these problems can be solved. In the supermarket, […]

Honda 400/4 From Cornwall to St Tropez

All pics, Leica M3, 21mm Super Angulon f3.4 Apologies for the poor quality of the pictures. They were scanned from prints made from slides! I remember well when I first fell in love with Honda’s 400/4 Supersport. The time: 1982. The Place: My mate Darren’s garage. The bike: A metallic burgundy model with a Dunstall […]

Tear along the dotted line

Here’s a 10 minute video I made using the GoPro® HD Motorsports HERO™ Camera mounted on the Ducati Monster M900. Filmed in the south of France. Please Click here to watch the video and enjoy!

Bridgestone BT 016 Tyre review

Leica M9, 21mm f2.8 Asph. ISO 250 f11 @ 60 secs Well, I’m not quite sure what to make of these tyres. They feel so very different to the Michelin Pilot Powers I had before. I like the look of them and I like that the tread doesn’t go right to the edges unlike the […]

Ducati Monster M900

Leica M9, Elmarit 21mm Asph, f5.6 @ 30 sec 160 ISO. (Lightroom preset ‘Nostalgialicious’) The thing I noticed most when I first saw Ducati’s new Monster M900 was that incredibly wide back tyre. Of course I also noticed the massive twin discs and upside down forks. It even had trick little carbon side panels. Even […]

How to turn a motorcycle around easily

    Here’s a helpful trick that all Ducati Monster owners need to know. The Ducati’s have a very poor lock so turning them around so they are facing the right direction can be a right pain, especially if you only have little legs! Here’s a simple way that requires very little effort and is […]

Michelin Pilot Power tyre review

Leica M9, Voigtlander f4 21mm 160 ISO Michelin Pilot Power Before buying some new tyres for my cousin’s Ducati Monster M900 he’d been kind enough to lend me, I did some research online and soon realised that there is a huge choice of rubber out there. Actually it’s just plain confusing. I tried reading reviews […]

Ducati Monster Quat D Ex-Box exhaust

Leica M9, Summarit f2.5 50mm f2.5 @ 20th sec, 2500 ISO, Ducati with ExBox exhaust. See how clean it looks with no visible pipes. This is one clean back end. When my cousin lent me his M900 Monster it came with the noisiest pipes you ever heard. He had the pipes made up for the […]