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Gradulux venetian car blinds

The sun is brutal in the Med and any car left outside will suffer from sun damage especially the interior. The rear screen on the Fiat 850 sport is very angled so the sun beats in mercilessly. A simple though ugly way to protect the seats is to cover them but it’s far better to […]

Leica M9 after seven years

Hard to believe it was over seven years since I bought my M9. When I bought it I felt pretty sure that I would be happy with this camera for the rest of my life. It was all I ever wanted from a camera, it was basically a digital M3 which was my previous camera. […]

Ghisallo wooden bicycle rims

20” wooden rims as fitted to the Hoopy wooden bicycle I made the wooden valve covers and they turned out to be one of the most popular features on the whole bike. If you want a pair, you’ll have to make them yourself. Strangely Ghisallo don’t sell ‘em! When I was looking for the right […]

SRAM Automatix 2 speed hub review

SRAM Automatix 2 speed auto hub with coaster brake. Bikes without cables are rare. It seems that most bikes today have a lot of cables to operate various things but they make a bike look fussy and they need maintenance and frequent replacement. Some bike builders put a lot of effort in to hiding their […]

F1 Making it better

Formula 1 is the only sport I have any interest in. I’m not sure why F1 has such a hold over me but it does. There are so many reasons why I find it 3fascinating and sometimes even exciting. Those who run F1 have been aware for some time that F1 isn’t all it could […]

Polyflex 3 YM Yanmar engine mounts Review

The new Polyflex Yanmar engine mounts fitted to a 3YM 20 The Australians lead the way in Polymer technology. The reason why they are so good at it is because the extreme heat in their country destroys rubber in no time at all. The engine mounts that come with the Yanmar are very poor, especially […]

Splinterbike Haibrid Wooden Bicycle

The Haibrid from Splinterbike. Wooden frame, wheel rims and handlebars. Recently I made a promo video to promote the Foldavan bicycle caravan and I thought it would be a good idea to borrow a wooden bicycle so I got in touch with a few companies who made them. I didn’t have much luck but I […]

Woodenwidget launch the Fliptail 9

The Woodenwidget Fliptail 9 (2.75m) Stable, spacious and fun. Rows, sails and planes! This is the biggest boat that Woodenwidget have ever made. It’s huge and it exists because customers kept on asking for it so here it is. Nine feet long or 2.75 metres long. It’s a little bit taller and a little bit […]

Smart Roadster Coupé

Ten years old but looking very tidy. The Smart Roadster Coupe hard top in Champagne Remix colour scheme. It’s a lot of fun. Sports cars these days are amazing but ridiculous at the same time. As beautiful as an Aston may be, in the real world it’s just a headache. Too big and hard to […]

New wood technologies part 1 Tennage

Tennage super thin veneer. Here is Walnut, Teak and Ebony. Doing research for an upcoming project, I have been delving into the various wood technologies out there. What I am learning is that there are some truly amazing wood products out there and not only that, most are also eco friendly. Since there are so […]