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We don’t know what we don’t know

George Santayana said it best. If you do not learn from the past you are condemned to relive it. In the old days engineers learned by trial and error. When Kingdom Brunell designed something it would be based on past experience with a healthy safety margin added on just to be sure. Today we are […]

Things to do in Limousin ‘Heart Break Town’

Looking for something interesting to do with all the family in the Limousin? How about some Western Theatre French style? Take a ride around Heart Break Town on a horse drawn carriage. The carriage is made from an old car! Go back in time at Heart Break Town. A different pace of life Get made […]

Traditionally baked French organic bread

For me there’s nothing quite like picking ripe fruit from a tree with your own hands and eating it on the spot. For some reason it always tastes better than the fruit you buy in a market or other shop. The same is true for fresh baked bread. There’s nothing quite like it. What could […]

Stunning French mill for sale

‘Come and eat with us chez nous’ said my new friends Jean Francois and Cristelle. Nothing could have prepared me for where they lived. My jaw dropped and my eyes opened wide. I was speechless, those who know me know how rare that is. I was simply blown away. Let me try and paint a […]

Dometic HS2460 hob sink review

When I was designing the Slidavan I needed a small stove and sink combo. There wasn’t much of a choice for the small size I needed so it was an easy  decision to buy the Dometic HS 2460 sink and two burner hob. It certainly wasn’t cheap at nearly 300€ especially for what it is, […]

Designing the Slidavan telescopic ‘pop up’ caravan

Design is such a fascinating subject. So much can influence a design, from the thoughts and experiences of the designer to the things that either they or the marketplace dictate. Often there is legislation to consider. All of these things can have a massive effect on the end result. More even than this though is […]

Gradulux venetian car blinds

The sun is brutal in the Med and any car left outside will suffer from sun damage especially the interior. The rear screen on the Fiat 850 sport is very angled so the sun beats in mercilessly. A simple though ugly way to protect the seats is to cover them but it’s far better to […]

Leica M9 after seven years

Hard to believe it was over seven years since I bought my M9. When I bought it I felt pretty sure that I would be happy with this camera for the rest of my life. It was all I ever wanted from a camera, it was basically a digital M3 which was my previous camera. […]

Ghisallo wooden bicycle rims

20” wooden rims as fitted to the Hoopy wooden bicycle I made the wooden valve covers and they turned out to be one of the most popular features on the whole bike. If you want a pair, you’ll have to make them yourself. Strangely Ghisallo don’t sell ‘em! When I was looking for the right […]

SRAM Automatix 2 speed hub review

SRAM Automatix 2 speed auto hub with coaster brake. Bikes without cables are rare. It seems that most bikes today have a lot of cables to operate various things but they make a bike look fussy and they need maintenance and frequent replacement. Some bike builders put a lot of effort in to hiding their […]