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SS Conservation

Leica Digilux 2, 90mm f8 @ 640 sec, 100 ISO. ‘Easy Pollution’, bay of St Tropez. October 2005 The Conservation A controversial yet highly feasible project to reintroduce sailing cargo ships to reduce pollution. Alan Villiers was an extraordinary man who was witness to the end of an amazing era. The era of the Tall […]

Short sailing film, shot at Cannes 2010

Here’s a very short film of some classic yachts sailing at the 2010 Cannes yacht regatta. The footage was taken from a RIB using a GoPro Hero waterproof video camera on an extending boat hook.

Fender socks

There are two trains of thought concerning fender socks. There are those who do not like them because they believe that dirt builds up on them and then damages the finish on the hull. There are others who believe the opposite. As far as I am concerned there is no doubt that fender socks are […]

Swivel on that. The lazy mans way to turn a motorbike around

If like me you are vertically challenged you may find that this world we live in is made for bigger people. Everything is harder for us, from reaching the highest shelves in the supermarket to turning around a motorcycle. If you have a brain however, most of these problems can be solved. In the supermarket, […]

What a tool. The Bosch electric screwdriver

A great little tool that could be brilliant with just a few improvements. Cables coming out of the back are not standard, read on to discover why they are there… This little power tool was given to me by a grateful client. It came in a metal box like a cake tin. Inside was a […]

VHB tape from 3M for bonding acrylic windows

Teak companionway doors on ‘Doolittle’ with lexan glass held in with VHB tape. If you don’t like making holes or using messy sealants perhaps what you need is VHB tape by 3M. You might think that this is a new technology but 3M have been selling it for over 25 years and now offer a […]