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Instant Karma. Just add water!

Leica Digilux 2, The mighty Flicka ‘Caraway’ with a big fat bone in her teeth.   When my good mate Angus asked if I would help him deliver his boat to France, how could I refuse? After all, it was entirely my fault he bought his boat in the first place, so I was duty […]

A lucky fluke

All shots: Leica M3, 21mm f3.4 Angulon 400 ISO One of the problems of developing one’s own films is that there is always the chance you might mess up and lose all your work. Having spent a great weekend celebrating a mate’s 50th birthday at an amazing house in the heart of the French countryside […]

Summarit f2.5 50mm Leica Lens review

Leica M9 Summarit f2.5 50mm 160 ISO f2.5 @ 4000 sec When I first got my M9 I needed a lens for it. Having already spent far too much buying the camera in the first place, I couldn’t really justify a new lens. I couldn’t really justify any lens at all really but a body […]

Ducati Monster M900

Leica M9, Elmarit 21mm Asph, f5.6 @ 30 sec 160 ISO. (Lightroom preset ‘Nostalgialicious’) The thing I noticed most when I first saw Ducati’s new Monster M900 was that incredibly wide back tyre. Of course I also noticed the massive twin discs and upside down forks. It even had trick little carbon side panels. Even […]

How to turn a motorcycle around easily

    Here’s a helpful trick that all Ducati Monster owners need to know. The Ducati’s have a very poor lock so turning them around so they are facing the right direction can be a right pain, especially if you only have little legs! Here’s a simple way that requires very little effort and is […]

Michelin Pilot Power tyre review

Leica M9, Voigtlander f4 21mm 160 ISO Michelin Pilot Power Before buying some new tyres for my cousin’s Ducati Monster M900 he’d been kind enough to lend me, I did some research online and soon realised that there is a huge choice of rubber out there. Actually it’s just plain confusing. I tried reading reviews […]

Withnail T Shirt – Here hare here…

Withnail ‘Here hare here’ T shirt from Redbubble

Learning all over again

Picture of a French cat sitting on a car. Leica M9, Elmarit 21 Asph, f8 @ 125 sec 160 ISO. Worked on in Lightroom. See below to see the original.   When I had my Leica M3 I used to guess the exposure and often the focus too. I used to get away with it […]

Dolphins are awesome

All photos on this page: Leica Digilux 2 100 ISO During the last 20 years of sailing I have been very fortunate to have seen a lot of dolphins, but no matter how often I see them it’s always a treat. I always go to the bows and say hello. I’ve often wondered what they […]

Ducati Monster Quat D Ex-Box exhaust

Leica M9, Summarit f2.5 50mm f2.5 @ 20th sec, 2500 ISO, Ducati with ExBox exhaust. See how clean it looks with no visible pipes. This is one clean back end. When my cousin lent me his M900 Monster it came with the noisiest pipes you ever heard. He had the pipes made up for the […]