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A very customised Fliptail 7

Woodenwidget has been selling plans to build folding boats for over ten years and in that time many builders have been kind enough to share their attempts. It is always a delight to see how builders finish their boats. Some copy the plans exactly, even down to the same type of wood and fabric. Most […]

Dana 24 for sale. One of the last, most desirable, highly modified & VAT paid. Hull number 342 (2005)

Doolittle sailing at Cannes. Pic by James Taylor This was before the roller furlers were fitted. Doolittle has been sold Over half my life has been spent living aboard boats. I make my living from working on them. But it’s time for a change. Time to do something different. So Doolittle is up for sale. […]

The Stasha ‘Tweed’ Nesting Dinghy uses Flax

The Woodenwidget Stasha ‘Tweed’ special edition lightweight nesting dinghy. The Stasha lightweight nesting dinghy from Woodenwidget has been around now for a few years and I used the prototype for three years as my yacht’s tender. In many ways it’s the perfect dinghy for the Pacific Seacraft Dana, after all it was designed to fit […]

Raymarine EV100 Tiller pilot review

Borrowed this pic from Raymarine. It shows the colour display and the EV 9 axis sensor. Today I sea trialled the EV100 Tiller pilot and although I have only so far tested it on a flat sea under motor I have to say I am hugely impressed. It was a real joy to see the […]

Foldavan lightweight folding bicycle caravan

The Woodenwidget ‘Foldavan’ bicycle caravan. Here it is in ‘Road’ mode. At just 30 kilos it is easy to tow. For all of you out there who love bicycle camping but don’t like the discomfort or the hassle that goes with it will rejoice in the news that Woodenwidget have just released the Foldavan folding […]

Rheinstrom Y3 Aluminium Toilet review

The Rheinstrom Y3. The lever makes pumping very easy and keeps the shaft straight minimising seal wear. Normally I wouldn’t write about a boat toilet but when I tried to research this toilet I could find no reviews or any comments of any kind. This is very strange because Rheinstrom obviously make a very nice […]

New wood technologies part two: Alpi

Clever stuff. Imitation teak. The colour and graining is convincing, only the regularity lets it down slightly. Last year I was at Mets trade show for boats. It was an impressive set up with acres of stands covering all aspects of boating. Quite by chance I came across an Italian company selling wood veneers. I […]

Quintessential Gentleman’s yacht for sale

She might only be 28 feet long but ‘Waif’ is massive below and open right from the stem to the cockpit. Her decks are epoxy sheathed so she’s dry and the wood burning stove makes Waif’s interior a very cosy place to be. Waif is over 80 years old but structurally is in as new […]

Bill King. One of life’s characters.

The sailing world has many extraordinary characters in it’s long history. It’s my experience that the world of sailing is responsible for more ‘interesting characters’ than any other and Bill King was an excellent example. He passed away recently at the age of 102. It seems amazing that he lived so long when one considers […]

Genelec 8020 and 5040 subwoofer review

This is all you need for a great sounding hifi. A mains supply to plug the speakers into an an Ipod. Job done! (for the review of the 5040 Sub, please see the update below) The first time I discovered Genelec speakers was when I was rummaging in a locker in the owner’s cabin of […]