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Stunning French mill for sale

‘Come and eat with us chez nous’ said my new friends Jean Francois and Cristelle. Nothing could have prepared me for where they lived. My jaw dropped and my eyes opened wide. I was speechless, those who know me know how rare that is. I was simply blown away. Let me try and paint a […]

Dometic HS2460 hob sink review

When I was designing the Slidavan I needed a small stove and sink combo. There wasn’t much of a choice for the small size I needed so it was an easy  decision to buy the Dometic HS 2460 sink and two burner hob. It certainly wasn’t cheap at nearly 300€ especially for what it is, […]

Designing the Slidavan telescopic ‘pop up’ caravan

Design is such a fascinating subject. So much can influence a design, from the thoughts and experiences of the designer to the things that either they or the marketplace dictate. Often there is legislation to consider. All of these things can have a massive effect on the end result. More even than this though is […]