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A nice cup of tea

Tea. The British cure all. Been in a car crash? Cup of tea. Just been burgled? Cup of tea. Almost every UK sitcom will include this ritual at some point. The good old ‘cuppa’. Personally I prefer coffee but being English I am genetically programmed to be able to make a ‘lovely cup of tea’. […]

Tilt Shift effects. An experiment

Recently I discovered an Australian photographer called Keith Lutit. He makes little time lapse films using a tilt shift lens. Have a look for yourself, it’s mesmerising. It got me thinking about trying this with the M9 but there are lots of reasons why this won’t work or would be extremely difficult to do. There […]

Choosing the right folding/feathering prop

A shot of the Kiwiprop feathered under sail. Taken with the GoPro Hero camera If you have a sailing boat one of the best things you can do to make it go better is to fit a feathering or folding prop which causes much less drag when you are sailing. If you’ve ever stuck your […]

Protective sun cover for a solar panel

‘What a stupid idea, you must be mad!’ I hear you cry. But is it? Maybe the cover is made from a new space age light diffusing material that helps to maximise energy consumption on overcast days. No? Ok, I made that up. The cover is made from Sunbrella marine fabric which stops the light […]