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Shore power lead with style

It’s all very well having a brightly coloured plastic shore power lead for your boat but it doesn’t look very nice and the plastic gets dirty and marks the boat. So here’s a simple solution made using a piece of rope. Many ropes today are braided. That means that they have an inner rope covered […]

Marking perfect chamfers

Here’s a great little bit of kit that should be in any self respecting ship wright’s tool bag. It’s for marking chamfers. They are easy to make and can be made in a number of sizes. I call it a chamfer ship because it looks a bit like a boat in shape. The way they […]

A red exhaust situation

Many Rivas have the insides of the exhaust outlets painted red. Many years ago I was lucky enough to get to play with a Riva Aquarama. This is the Rolls Royce of speed boats, an absolutely iconic wooden creation resplendent in deep thick varnish. They have been seen in films and were owned by a […]