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Woodenwidget launch the Fliptail 7

The Woodenwidget Fliptail folding dinghy. Available in 6 and 7 foot versions. Looking for a small and light yet competent and stable little dinghy for your yacht? Or a easy to transport craft that you can use to go fishing in? Or amuse the kids during a camping trip? Then look no further. Woodenwidget, already […]

Colorfly C4 review

Walnut wood back with very intricate engraving. Leica M9, Visoflex III and Elmar 50mm lens. When I was a kid if you wanted a Hifi sound you had to have a record player. Yet a turntable is not the most the practical of listening devices especially if you live on a yacht! And then there […]

How to tie on a fender

  Leica M9 21mm Summilux. The fenders I recovered from the water after a good blow. It happens every time and could be so easily avoided if people only used the right knot! Many people think that the correct way to tie on a fender is to use a clove hitch. It’s true that this […]