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Toshiba C650 1CP laptop review

Oh dear. What a disaster. I know it wasn’t expensive but that’s no excuse to make something so awful. My previous laptop was a Toshiba and that was very well made and reliable so I stayed loyal to Toshiba in the misguided belief that their newer computers would retain all that I liked about Toshiba. […]

Port hole ventilation

Every boat will benefit from better ventilation, it’s one of the things few boat builders consider. Opening port holes are great but must be closed if it’s raining or if you leave the boat. Here’s a simple solution which allows the ports to be left open in all weathers whilst still admitting light. The first […]

LED lighting comes of age

An LED replacement for a normal bulb. Very high tech, warm and bright. 18-LED Tower Type 1142 Ever since I have had a boat I have been excited about the idea of using LED lights because of the tiny amount of power that they use. When you live on a boat the most trivial things […]