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Yacht paintings in Horta (Azores)

What a splendid place Horta is. A famous sailor’s stopover situated as it is practically in the middle of the North Atlantic. Every boat that passes through leaves a painting in the harbour somewhere. Over the years thousands have been done and many of them are simply awesome. Now they literally cover the harbour of […]

Momentum asymmetric spinnaker review

If you’re looking for a decent asymmetric spinnaker then you could do a lot worse than the Momentum range of off the shelf sails. They are very well priced, largely one assumes because the sails are of set sizes so you simply choose the one with the luff length that corresponds with that of your […]

Isotherm SP ASU fridge review

A fridge on a boat is not a luxury, it’s a necessity, at least here in the Med, when it’s often over 30 degrees in the summer. Before we had a fridge we used to throw away a lot of food that just went off before we could eat it. Apart from the fact that […]

Whale ‘Twist’ Shower review

Since I hate making holes in my boat I was delighted when Whale brought out their twist shower. What makes it different to most showers is that all the mechanism is in the shower head itself. This makes for a much smaller and simpler unit than all the other types on the market. I would […]