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Sailing ships are the future

Leica M9 Summarit f2.5 50mm f11 @ 250 160 ISO. Cambria and Lady Trix at Les Voiles des St Tropez classic yacht regatta, October 2009   The unbelievable and quite shocking pollution statistics associated with shipping and the need for a more environmentally sympathetic approach. And even a proposed solution. I had a dream. I […]

Ducati Monster 696 review

Leica M9, Elmarit 21 asph, f8 @ 500 sec 160 ISO. Collobriere, France, October 2009 Last October my brother visited and we hired a new Ducati Monster 696 with the intention of blasting around the French countryside. Although I am very happy with a M900 Monster I was keen to see what 15 years worth […]

Leica M9 is a bargain

Leica M9, Elmarit 21 asph, 160 ISO f11 @ 250 Bay of St Tropez, March 2010 Buying an M9 was not a rash decision for me, it wasn’t a sudden thing at all. This was the camera I had wanted for 15 years, ever since I realised that the future was digital. The Leica M9 […]


Leica M9, Elmarit 21 asph 160 Iso, f8 @ 125 Marines de Cogolin, France Jan 2010 After 4 months with the M9 I must confess to being more than happy with it. After all, I’d waited ten years for it! It takes incredible photographs. The picture above was straight out of the camera. Of course […]