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The fine art of wedding photography

I knew when I first saw Susana at work that here was someone who loved her job. Her smiling face immediately made her subjects feel at ease, not an easy task with a day so full of stress and expectation. I watched her work and it soon dawned on me that this was no ordinary […]

Modifying the Pacific Seacraft Dana’s bowsprit platform

Doolittle’s modified bowsprit platform with Delta anchor (22lbs) in place. There’s no doubt about it, the Dana is a fabulous boat and Pacific Seacraft built them well. However, one must not forget that the Dana is a production boat and as such she has her fair share of compromises. One of these compromises is the […]

Fogbows in Portugal

A classic fogbow in the Atlantic off the coast of Portugal There we were motoring along through thick fog just off the coast of Portugal keeping our eyes and ears open for other craft when all of a sudden we saw a beautiful Fogbow. I couldn’t think of what else to call it. When we […]