Tue. May 21st, 2024


A classic fogbow in the Atlantic off the coast of Portugal

There we were motoring along through thick fog just off the coast of Portugal keeping our eyes and ears open for other craft when all of a sudden we saw a beautiful Fogbow. I couldn’t think of what else to call it. When we got into port I looked it up and it is actually called a Fogbow and it seems they are quite common.

Most of the pictures of other Fogbows I saw were on land. There were not that many images of Fogbows at sea but then I guess most people don’t get the opportunity to see them. Motoring along a coast in thick fog is a nerve wracking experience that I wouldn’t recommend but seeing such a beautiful Fogbow was a real treat.

This was the first Fogbow I had ever seen but then just a few weeks I woke to yet another, this time in the anchorage.


Early one morning. Yet another Fogbow, this time in the anchorage.


The Fogbow we saw in the anchorage, you can just see the land in the background.

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