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Clockwork Toothbrush

It seems that this idea has struck a chord with many people. Electric Toothbrushes are very popular but they need electricity to work. Although it’s true that electricity is readily available maybe you don’t have an electric socket in the bathroom where you need it. You could of course take it camping with you or […]

Dark Corner

Recently while working on a large sailing yacht, time was getting short, the owner was due and there was still much to be done. As nice as it is to always do the very best possible job sometimes it’s not always possible. Finances or time constraints often heavily influence most jobs. The job itself was […]

‘Quick’ BXS Square water heater/calorifier long term review

Very pleased with how well the Quick BXS fits in the engine room but soon to be disappointed with it as it started leaking. Like most things one buys for a boat, choosing the right water heater is far from easy. There is a huge choice of heaters out there in all shapes and sizes, […]