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Z Vise portable Vise review

The Z Vise mounted upside down on the bench. Rather than bore you with words, I suggest you watch the following video to really see what the Z Vise is about. Talk about versatile, it has over 20 functions, some of them very clever indeed. Watch the vid and I’ll discuss the vise afterwards As […]

How to Bend Wood

Over 30 strips of 2.5mm in place on the jig. This is just a dry run to check that every thing is ok. There are many ways to bend wood but it will depend on the job that you want to do as to which method you will use. For example if you only want […]

Cutting down kitchen taps

The original long reach tap on the bottom and the cut down version above. Not the easiest job in the world but if you’re after a short reach tap for your galley you may not have much choice. Once I had decided to go down the pressurised water system route on my boat I was […]