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What makes a Leica M so special

Taken with an M9 and a 21mm Summilux f1.4 lens. This image proves that even with manual focussing and exposure you can still take awesome images of fast moving subjects. This gull was only about a metre away, he was snapped as he went for my lunch! This is a post I’ve wanted to write […]

Coppercoat antifouling long term review

This is how my hull looked when I hauled it this year. This could never be described as working well. Here is a close up of a typical area of the hull. Covered in growth and barnacles. Even the cheapest antifouling paints work better than this! It has to scraped off with much effort by […]

C.A.R.D Radar detector review

Mid Atlantic the top of the C.A.R.D. fell off! I glued it back on. When you are crossing an Ocean it helps to see and  be seen. There are a lot of big boats out there but you cannot rely on them seeing you. It has always been my belief that it’s better to see […]

You can paint brass (and other metals)

An amazing 8 years since the insides of these Dorade vents were painted. Despite being outside all year they have held up really well and the paint shows no signs of flaking at all. It all began as an experiment really. Epifanes had just brought out a new product called Metal Primer. It was white […]