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Plustek 7400 film scanner review

Beautiful old Alfa shot with Leica M3 and Tmax 100 asa film. Scanned with Plustek 7400 film scanner. Recently I was going through some old B&W prints and I realised that I had taken some really great pictures over the years so I decided that the time had come to scan the negs and really […]

Internet Afloat. Improving the Wifi system.

Alright, I know this picture has nothing to do with Wifi on boats but it’s such a lovely image and pics of connectors and bared cable are very dull. Leica M9, 21mm Asph. Cannes. Yacht Eileen (as seen in Duran Duran video Rio). Living on a boat is great but sometimes I do envy those […]

Leica S2 gives you wood

One of the plated winches aboard the awesome J Class yacht Shamrock. Picture by Leica S2 with the 70mm f2.5 lens. 160 ISO, f5.6 at 250 sec. You’ve heard it all before, the Leica S2 is one amazing camera with a price tag to match. I was lucky enough to get to play with one […]

Leica M9 and Visoflex III

Leica M9, Visoflex III, Elmar 50mm Dragonfly on a basil plant. The Visoflex was a device manufactured by Leica almost 50 years ago. It enabled their rangefinder cameras to be converted to an SLR. Even today the Visoflex can still be used on the latest M cameras. I was fortunate to be donated one. I […]

Modern teak decks – The truth hurts

In the last 15 years I have worked on more teak decks than I care to remember. I think I’ve seen every problem that exists. What you have to know straight away is that, like anything, teak decks need looking after. If you take care of your decks they may last 20 years plus, if […]