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Forespar telescopic whisker pole review

  Poling out the jib is a great way to efficiently use the sails you already have on your yacht. This is a great set up for downwind sailing and much easier than a spinnaker. What you need is a whisker pole. The basic difference between a whisker pole and a spinnaker pole is that […]

Oil changing made easy (well easier)

Yanmar might make a great engine but they certainly don’t make it easy to change the oil! The oil filter is inaccessible and placed horizontally on the engine block. If that wasn’t bad enough, the don’t even give you a sump drain nut anymore. This is progress for you! After the first time I changed […]

Leica M9 emergency battery option

What was fabulous about the film M Leicas was that they could work even if they had no batteries. You might lose the light meter but you could still take pictures. The biggest problem with digital cameras is that will only work with a battery. If your battery is flat, there is nothing you can […]