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Reefing lines and Mainsail covers. An alternative approach

If like me, you have three reefing points on your mainsail you’ll have a lot of spare rope to deal with when flaking the sail. There are a couple of ways to deal with this. You can flake the sail and then pull your reefing lines through but this has two disadvantages. Firstly it means […]

Kiwiprop feathering propeller long term review

What a fabulous idea. A feathering prop with plastic blades. Makes a lot of sense really. The most obvious advantages are less weight and no electrolysis but it also means that the blades can be painted with antifouling, something that can’t be done effectively with metal blades. You can paint them of course but the […]

Force 10 two burner gas cooker. Long term review

Still looking good after 6 years of constant use. Oven door cleverly stows under the cooker. This is the American version which is slightly larger than the European version. This cooker comes as standard equipment on the Pacific Seacraft Dana 24. It’s an expensive bit of kit this costing about £1200 which is a lot […]

Varnishing for the best results

Varnish applied by brush. Amazing results are possible if you follow certain rules. Please note, this article applies to single part, oil based yacht varnish systems only, two part varnishes are very different. After more than 20 years of varnishing no end of yachts I am now well placed to share with you the elusive […]