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Leica M9 for Lefties

This idea came from watching my left handed friend use my M9. He placed the whole camera over his face as if the camera was an SLR. This is not the reason though, it was simply because he was left handed! Because he is a pro photographer, he had no trouble using the camera but […]

Leica M9 reconsidered

Please note that this post was written in July 2010 long before Leica launched the M9-P Sorry for any confusion! It was a post card that I received from an elderly sailing friend that set me thinking about an M9 re-design. He had recently bought a new GPS to replace his trusty old one but […]

Think before you drill

Where it comes from I don’t know but I hate making holes in boats. Perhaps it’s the fundamental fact that holes and boats don’t go together. Holes let in water and it’s better to keep the water on the outside of the boat than the inside. There’s another good reason for not making holes and […]

In the footsteps of Cartier Bresson

If the photo above seems familiar that’s because it’s a modern interpretation of a very old and famous photograph taken by Henri Cartier Bresson. He was always one of my favourite photographers and a great influence. I loved his style. His pictures spoke of real life. He was able to take the most mundane subjects […]

Yawl rig for a Pacific Seacraft Dana 24

This is a Photoshopped picture of Doolittle to see how she would look with a tan coloured mizzen sail. It was Laurent Giles who said: Your sailing yacht can never be better than a skilful compromise between conflicting considerations. This elegant sentence so sums up yachting and is timeless, no matter how we progress, how […]

Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 review

Photo of Doolittle taken at Cannes by James Taylor Nikon D3 All photos in this post taken with a Leica Digilux 2 unless otherwise stated. It’s been over five years now since I first bought my Dana 24 and in that time it has crossed the Atlantic from West to East, visited three continents and […]