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There’s no point having a great camera if you don’t have it with you when you need it. The Leica M9 is pretty compact for what it is but it’s still quite a lump to lug about. If you wear it around your neck you run the risk of damaging it or the lens as it swings about. You can put it in a camera bag but it’s hardly a hands free option.

Luckily I have a very talented partner who made me an instant deployment case to my design that I can wear around my waist. It is basically a top loading camera case that can be worn. My M9 has a grip and it’s this that allows the camera to be extracted from the case. The whole operation takes seconds and can be achieved using only one hand. I’m right handed so wear it on my left hip.


Some might say that it looks a bit odd but I couldn’t care about that. What’s important is that my valuable M9 is protected and I can get it out and start shooting easily. Worn with a belt the weight is not really noticeable and the best bit is that my hands are free and there’s no chance I will leave the camera somewhere by accident as you might if you had it in a camera bag.

The best bit is that no one has any idea what the case is and what might be inside it. I’m not one of those M9 owners who wants everyone to know I have one. I am much happier if no one has a clue. I bought my M9 to take pictures , not to draw attention to myself.


The case is made from a thick outer leather with a super soft pig skin leather interior. It is completely hand made and hand stitched. The lid remains attached to the case so it can’t be lost and to allow for a one handed operation. The lid overlaps the case and is held in place with nothing more complicated than a magnetic catch. In case you are wondering, a magnet placed near the camera or the SD is no problem.

Although not strictly waterproof, the overlapping lid helps to keep water off and the entire case was treated with many applications of hide food which should help to fill the thread holes and shed water as well. In practice the case works exactly as planned. It means my camera is always with me and well protected too. 

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